Package level changes alert


I need help in how to monitor changes to a package in higher Environments. If anything is changed, a mail alert has be triggered.

Amrutha K

Hi Amrutha,

I think it is very difficult to create mail alerts. May I know the exact requirement why do you want create alert. If it is to prevent others users from modifying the code, you can use ACLs.



If you are Integration Server is in Linux the you can create Cron job to monitor node.xml file. Whenever there is a change in service you Cron job will send you the alert.


Hi Mani,

We need to create alerts if anyone changes the code in SystemTesting/ PROD or anyone deletes anything from PROD.

Hi Yogesh,

Our IS is on Windows…

HI Amrutha,

changes in higher environments should be reduced to a mimimum.

Usually modifications to these environments should be done via Deployer.
There are very few properies which might to be changed directly, i.e. Audit Logging.

All other modifications should be done via IS Admin UI (i.e. enabling and disabling connections, listeners, triggers, …) or via configuration and properties files.



You could also have a service subscribe to package change events.

I’m not too sure if they are all enabled by default.

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Enable the security logs on Integration Server as you can track each activity including changes (user name with ip) in the code. Others options mentioned about the Cron job should also work for you (contact Linux Admin)

Thanks all for your help!!

I have enabled the security logs on the IS and reading the logs as flatfile.

Amrutha K

Hello! We happen to be looking for the webMethods Integration Server security-log storage location (e.g. file name, directory name). Would you be able to tell us?


Security logs are under logs directory if configured to use file system. If it is configured to use Database, information will be persisted in the Database. More information about it can be found in webMethods Audit Logging Guide.


To track changes you need a source of truth that may be used to compare the changes. Generally it can be a source control location.

The easy way is to connect your higher environment to the Source of Truth SVN location and create a cron job or task schedular (Windows) that will do a SVN compare, and look for changed. Once changes are detected send email.

This way you can make sure that not only code is not changed in one server, it is also in synch across cluster.

Or else you may use tools like Cross Vista. It has similar feature out of the box.