package dependency

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Can you please help on below.

What is the use of package dependency?
If this is ignored, what will be the critical issues?

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Prashant Nagargoje

In some cases you have to load package X before package Y on which X services/components are dependant. For more details,plz go through documentation.


If you have a package which is dependent on the services in another package, so the dependent package must be loaded first.

As a best practice it is always good to mention the package dependencies. Eg. WmPublic is dependent on WmRoot and hence WmRoot package gets loaded first before WmPublic.

Let me know if you still have questions.

Hi M@he$h, MR as173d,

I just want to know that if i dont mention package dependency, will it cause any issue? If yes, what will be the issues arised out of it?

I went through documentation, but issues are not highlighted in it.

Hi Prashant,

there are several scenarios where the Package dependencies are neccessary:

  • Java Services which use a Jar-File which is loaded in another package.
  • Triggers which subscribe a publishable DocType defined in another package.
  • Adapter Services/Adapter Notifications which rely on Connections & Listeners defined in another package.
  • Packages with BPM-Services, which have references to the real logic services defined in another package.

If you omit these dependencies you will see error messages in the server log when the packages are loaded out of order.

Mentioning the package dependencies guarantee that the object is definitely loaded at the point you are trying to use it.


Hi Holger von Thomsen, Mahesh,

Thanks for the explanation, it clarifies my query.