Ownership Transfer of LCM and Policies

How to transfer ownership of lifecycle models and policies ? Is DeleteUser tool the only option ? This is in CentraSite 8.2.2

Hi Janardhan,

We need to distinguish between 2 scenarios:

  • You want to remove a user and have the LCMs/Policies assigned to them being assigned to another user, then use the DeleteUser tool.
  • You want to move an LCM/Policy to another owner without deleting the original user. In this case it is a little more complex in CentraSite Control UI. The move capabilities of Control, do not allow this to happen. So the only way currently to accomplish this is to use ‘Export and Import’ to override the owner. Please export the specific policies or lifecycle models from CentraSite into archives. On Import, you choose to import with ‘Allow replace of registry objects’ option selected and the ‘Preserve ownership’ option unselected. This import action needs to be done by the new owner. After import, the user who performed the import will become the owner of the objects.

Karthik G