[Ownership handling] How to alter a table ownership ?

Dear all,

Using Adabas D 13, I’m investigating how one could change the ownership of a table from user A to user B.

So far, I found out that mySQL for example allows for ALTER to change the ownership, but reading the Adabas documentation it seems that this is not allowed.
MS SQL server allows for a stored procedure to change it. I found no relevant information regarding Adabas.

I’m using EXEC SQL commands in C, however, a plain SQL command or any tip would be greatly appreciated !

Otherwise, the alternate solutions would be create a new table owned by user B, copy row by row to this table, and delete the table of user A. However, this could be time consuming and some operations might leed to inconsistencies, unless I use locks (to be confirmed). This later solution, I’d prefer to avoid.

Thank you for your help !