Predict Change Owner

To change an owner of some programs in Predict, this causes a lot of time, if you do this on-line. I already wrote a Natural-Batch-Program which gives out the ISN of the record in the Predict File, the name of the program in Predict and the old owner. Now I would like to change the owner with a second program, that gets the ISN and updates the Owner-ID. I am not sure whether I can do this without causing an inconsistency in my Predict-File.
Are there any hidden Updates, if I change the owner by using the Modify Program Function in Predict ?

I don’t know if there are any hidden updates or not.

But your best bet would probably be to use the provided APIs. This would shield you from future changes that SAG may make to the FDIC file. Not to mention, if there are hidden updates, the APIs would make those updates as well.

PALUD42 can modify the owner.

USR3005N can also modify the owner. It uses XML documents. From the documentation, it can read and modify all documentation objects.

Trent Brazeal