Overwriting CAF library property files

I have a client who do not want to see the <span style="font-size:0.75em;">({0}) next to the sorted column when someone clicks the sort image. I have located the source code for this and would like to remove it or overwrite the property in wm-caf-jsf.jar library in FacesResources.properties file.

What is the best practice for the doing so? One solution within beforeInvokeApplication method, I can replace the default reference with a reference of my own FacesResources.properties file.

Before you make any code changes, maybe what the customer really needs to do is to set the ‘Max Ordinal’ property of the Table control to 1. That would prevent the sorting of secondary columns and only allow the table to be sorted by a primary column. If there are no secondary sort columns, that span would not be rendered.

I forget to mention that, there are several columns that are also included in the table.

Thanks Eric for your suggestion, I’ve tried to use a range values in each column ordinal property so that they will seem primary. But after it is re-render it reverts back to the default functionality. That is the reason why I need to modify the property file or use custom code.

I was referring to the ‘Max Ordinal’ property of the Table control, not the ‘Ordinal’ property of the Column control. Did you try setting that property to 1? That should make it so the table can only sort by one column at a time.

Thanks Eric, that worked the way I wanted.