Overriding IND$FILE/COM$FILE file name?

Is there a way to manipulate or override the file name passed thru to IND$FILE or COM$FILE behind the scenes? Maybe via a userexit?

Our users normally enter a 8-byte file name when transferring data via IND$FILE. Since Com-Plete will be using TSO datasets, I’d like to wrap the user data with a PDS name. For example:

User will type: ACCTREPT
I need to have TSO see: ‘CLIENT.FILES(ACCTREPT)’

We’re trying to minimize the changes the users will experience when we migrate to Com-Plete.

Chris Walsh

Hi Chris,

we discourage the use of IND$FILE in Com-plete, it doesn’t fit in very well.
For example, if an (any) error occurs, it will just abend, and the user will not even get the error message. Since there are many better ways for transferring files, we never attempted to make IND$FILE work properly in Com-plete.

If you still want to use it, I can send you the source of COM$FILE. It’s barely a little assembler front-end that prepares a parameter list and invokes INDFXFER (which is the IBM IND$FILE). If you know the structure of the parameters, you’ll be able to manipulate the dataset name. PM me to firstname.lastname@softwareag.com if you’re interested.