Equivalent of CICS CSD file in Com-plete?

Hi all -

When working in CICS, we have all resource definitions saved in a CSD file (CICS System Definition), which is a regular VSAM file that can be listed, analyzed, printed etc.

Is there any equivalent file(s) in Com-plete?

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COM-PLETE definitions are kept in the three “COMSYS” datasets:

  • DD/DLBL COMSYS1 - base definitions
    DD/DLBL COMSYS3 - user profiles
    DD/DLBL COMSYS4 - program / file catalog

But what sense would it make to print these with VSAM utilities ?

When we run projects for customers with CICS, we use the CSD file to analyze the CICS structure (resource-wise). We simply look for the equivalent input when dealing with Com-plete.



Hi Ofer,

I still don’t understand. Can you give us an example, maybe, of what you’re doing in CICS? CICS requires you to define much more things than Complete does, so it might turn out you don’t need to do anything at all in Complete.