Com-plete Learning Curve

We are researching possibility of replacing CICS with Com-plete for our online environment. Can anyone offer experience or feedback regarding the learning curve involved in transitioning from CICS? No one in our shop has ever worked with Com-plete before - I’m trying to get handle on amount of training needed for administration and troubleshooting such an environment. In other words, does Com-plete require an experienced administrator or can sufficient knowledge be gained from the manuals and courses.

Thanks in advance

I’m probably biased :wink: , but …

The learning curve is, by far, not as steep as it would be going the opposite way, ease of use is COM-PLETE’s 2nd name.

Any questions - there’s this forum :wink:

I’d like to confirm that I my experience Com-plete is far easier than CICS to learn and maintain, but then I’m probably just as unbiased as Wolfgang :wink: