Outbound IDOCS to update 2 databases

I have an existing set of IDOCs that connect thru a DBALIAS and url, password, etc… to an existing database. Now, a new database has come up and in some cases the same SAP-outbound IDOCs will need to update BOTH databases with their info. Within the Business Connector services that handle these IDOCs thru the partner profile, should I loop thru the IDOC twice (once for each database)? Or is there a way to specify a connection to 2 databases at the same time, and then do INSERTS and UPDATES for each IDOC segment to both databases on the same pass?
Any help or info someone could provide to help me design this, would be great!

Hate to answer my own post, but met with the DBAs in our shop and was guided towards establishing one connection at a time to the two different databases – looping through the IDOC twice, once for each database. One partner profile on SAP will be used for this (IDOC type is COND_A). Main reason to loop twice is to separate error processing and mimimize effect if there is a problem with one of the records during processing. Please share any other thoughts someone may have on this design.