Outbound HTTPS Connection: Where to put the SSL public key?


We are trying to use HTTPS outbound to get to a customer’s server. I am confused as to what is required from Integration Server perspective to enable HTTPS outbound using the partner’s public key?? :? I cannot see anything in the Admin console or the Admin guide, yet the “Built-In Services References” guide (section “pub.client:soapClient”) refers to “outbound SSL certificate settings”! I can’t find these sittings! :shock:

Is anyone aware of a guide that explains where and how to store partner’s public keys or how to establish a basic outbound connection to a target HTTPS server using their public key?


Hi Rad,

Can you give specific details about public key certificate given by client(Format)? You just need to import it into your trust-store and configure it in port level settings. It should work fine. But try without doing it, sometimes it works if its a signed by CA which is trusted in OS-level.

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Thanks Niteesh,

You have answerd my question.