Outbound document store

Hi all,

I have one question regarding broker outbound document store.

Q)Can anyone pls tell me , what is the maximum memory limit for the outbound doc store…& what is the maximum size of the docment that the docstore can hold?
is thr any limit or we can modify the size? if yes pls let me know the process to modify?

thanxs in advance…


The outbound store can store maximum of 500,000 documents.
I do not see any size limitations, however setting this property to higher value means more memory usage in storing documents.

In case the broker is brought down or goes down, IS will then start storing in the outbound store and if the outbound store capacity is high then IS can consume a lot of memory in storing documents. If the capacity is low then IS will block / pause the threads till the outbound store is drained. Hence the value of this should be optimum.

You can refer the IS administrator guide for more information.
Check for watt.server.control.maxPersist



“By default, the outbound document store can contain a maximum of 500,000 documents.
After the outbound document store reaches capacity, the server “blocks” or “pauses” any
threads that are executing services that publish documents. The threads remain blocked
until the server begins draining the outbound document store.
The watt.server.control.maxPersist server parameter determines the capacity of the
outbound document store. If you plan to bring the Broker down for an extended time
period, consider editing this parameter to lower the capacity of the outbound document
store. If you keep the outbound document store at the default capacity, and the Broker
becomes unavailable, it is possible that storing outbound documents could exhaust
memory and cause the server to fail. If the outbound document store has a lower capacity,
the server will block threads instead of continuing to use memory by storing documents.” - from IS administration documentation