Outbound Auth - Message

Hi there!

I’m working with a SOAP API that requires a usernameToken for authentication, and I’m looking to integrate it into an API gateway. I’ve applied the ‘Outbound Auth - Message’ policy with the WSS username authentication scheme. However, upon calling my API, I encountered an error message stating: ‘API Gateway outbound client encountered Security policy namespace cannot be null.’ Any insights on resolving this would be greatly appreciated!


kindly provide share your product version and fix level ? Also make sure are if your native wsdl is having the required ws security policy as part of the wsdl contract else you expect to receives this error message.

Above error was addressed in 10.11 Fix 26. But not sure about your product stack

Can you double check WS security policy configuration that pertains to namespace / soap header ? Use SoapUI to invoke the call and verify the header parameters