Other manner for to get large file

I hope that you are fine, let me to explain my issue, I’m working with XML Files, these files are in local system and to size them around 40 to 70 MB, my manner for to get them is with service getFile , the problem is the processing time because it’s so much, sometimes the JVM memory is over , is there any alternative for this? is there any other manner for to get large file?

Could anyone to help me with this?



depends on what you will do with this file. To avoid using too much memory, you can open it as stream with some simple java code.
you can also try to increase the settings at:
Settings > Resources > Store Settings to give the system more disk space to store the temp file.

Thanks for your answer , I transform these xml files to other xml files , I just mapping tag from xml1 to tag xml2, but I need to get this xml file for to transform them, your idea about simple java code is interesting but I don’t undestand how to do , could you give me some example about this, please??

I think the option to increase more disk space will help me with the virtual memory but
But do you believe that the processing time will be the same?

Thanks again