Ordered Notifications

I have tried setting up an ordered notification to listen for inserts/updates and deletes of a single table in our informix db. However when trying to enable the notification, an error appears complaining about the syntax of the SQL. It turns out that webMethods reads the schema as is, and so includes the “not null” section of any field set up for this.

My question is - as there doesn’t seem to be a way of manually adjusting the SQL is there a fix for this? I have noticed a similar question elsewhere on the site but the suggested workarounds are not feasible. i.e

1 - Do seperate notifications. I need to have the order of events kept.
2 - Drop the field and do a seperate select later in the flow. Well the values may have changed by then, but even more importantly, I would not have enough information in the remaining fields to find the record.

Any help would be appreciated.