Oracle SOA and WM - EBO

I was wondering if anyone have successfully build a web service connector and able to invoke a soap service provided from Oracle SOA when the input signature is an EBM/EBO. I’m having some errors such as “StackOverflowError” even trying to build the document type from an XSD that was used in the wsdl. I know that the input signature of an EBM/EBO is very large and a bit messy. I’m running IS v6.5 with SP3.

Can you please let me know which EBO/EBM you are trying to import. We have created a webservice connector and able to invoke the service from Oracle SOA suite.

By the way, please check if the wsdl or XSD has a circular dependency, this is the most common reason for getting a stack overflow exception in wM while creating a doc from XSD or while creating a WS connector

Sure dhruvwm. Actually, the EBO will be in the form of 850_4010.xsd. I’m not sure how to determine if it has circular dependency. I did check with SAG and they suggested IS_6-5_Core_Fix23 fix needs to be applied since they were able to create the doc type based off of the xsd. Currently, we have Core_Fix2.

Ok, if SAG suggests a fix then it could be what you really needed. By circular dependency what I meant is some like this :

WSDL1 refers WSDL2, where as WSDL2 also has a reference to WSDL1
or in other way -
WSDL 1 has XSD imports as XSD1,XSD2,XSD3, where XSD1 refers XSD2 but XSD2 also refers back to XSD1.

This can only occur due to some typos’ or scilly mistakes while editing the WSDL or XSDs’ manually. We faced this issue earlier and resolved it by removing these circular dependency.

Thanks dhruvwm. Based on your definition, we don’t have circular dependency. Since you were able to invoke wsdl from Oracle SOA, what version of IS_6-5_SP3_CoreFix? do you have?

Also, did you have to manually do something to the wsdl provided by Oracle SOA in order to create the ws connector successfully?

We are in wM 7.1.2 version. We didn’t do anything manually.