Oracle R12 Integration.

Hi everyone,

I am looking to integrate webmethods (wM7) with Oracle R12. I know we can use wMJDBC adapter to integrate with oracle 10g, oracle apps adapter to integrate with oracle 11i.

I know a solution where webMethods to oracle 11i integration is done using JDBC adapter where oracle 11i will be populating the staging tables from where webMethods will extract data using JDBC adapter.

Now would be the best solution to integrate with oracle R12 ? Does the staging table strategy works? will Oracle apps adapter be useful in integrating with Oracle R12? Plz suggest.:confused:


Oracle 12G is not supported, neither as internal JDBC pool nor with JDBC adapter.

Oracle 11G is supported already by internal JDBC pools DataDirect 4, and with JDBC Adapter.

But as always if you have a strong business case, contacting your sales representative might speed up Oracle 12G integration.

Right now you must use 11G.

Thanks for your prompt reply.