Oracle Intelligent Adapter

When we experienced a Network or database connection failure, the
adapter disconnects and the documents start to queue up. To fix this
problem, we stop and re-start the adapter. Can we set WebMethods so that the Adapter re-establishes connection (by polling on a constant basis) and continues the process? (JDBC and Oracle Adapters)

I believe there is no other option,except stop and re-starting the adapter,once the DB connections are restored.

And what is the version of ES and Oracle Adapter over there?

What ADK are you using? And are you on NT or UNIX?

I have had similar problems, and as a result I have had to create a cron job that restarted the oracle adapters at 6:00 am to make sure everything was working at the beginning of the day. I also made sure that I stop and restarted the adapters in sync with when the database goes off line for backups.

This has helped make sure that I am not hunted down by users saying that things are not working, when I get into the office.