Oracle DB Link Error

Hi Folks,

I am configuring an wm Enterprise Oracle DB Adapter v4.11 on Solaris and getting unsatisfied link error with the message “” not found in library path. I searched the machine and could not find the file. Instead I find only a “”. Library path is set properly.

Where do I can get the “” file? If the current installations use “” why does the adapter configuration is not referring to the new file? I have created a new test installation with webMethods enterprise products installed using wminstaller 4.61 from the download site.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions.


Hi, Sampath.

For the archives, how was this problem solved? Thanks.

Hi Sampath,

Recently We upgraded to 817 Oracle database. Results the already running v4.11 adapter is not connected and the error message is same like yours.

Your help would be great help to solve the issue.

=Jeyaraman R=