Oracle Catalog not displays the tables when writing adapter service

Hi ,

I am facing a problem when writing an adapter service. I have a connection enabled. And i tried to write the adapter service(select).When i go forward to select the tables from the catalog the catalog displays no tables.
Is this is problem with Oracle previlizes?
Is this the problem with my connection /jar files?

I was strucked…

Thanks in Advance

Usually this happens when the Oracle user you specified on the adapter connection lacks rights to view the catalog.


Thanks Mark .
The problem is i am using scott/tiger as user/pwd.
With SQL Plus editor i am able to acess the tables. I need to contact oracle people to grant previlizes or do something with other user/pwd.


I m havin the same problem in accessing the tables from oracle. Catalog doesnot show the list of table.

Can anyone help me???