Oracle Basic Auto Notification


Can anyone please let me know how I control the records selected to only one time using the Basic Auto Notification trigger. I am not able to disable the polling interval.

I need to select all the records from the database only once. Then later I use Insert ntf or update ntf for other records changes.



Oracle Basic notification consists in performing a select periodically in the target table.
As you need it once you should use a “select” configured operation (it is not a notification).

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Or you can use a flag in the DB table.

i’m getting the following error while trying a basic notification on a buffer table on BPCS. The notification in suppose to give me two field values out.

java.sql.SQLException: [SQL0208] ORDER BY column WM_ROWID or expression not in result table.

It looks wM adds the ORDER By clause which actually I do not need. How do I get rid of the ORDER BY clause?