Oracle Apps Adapter rollback problem


We are using Oracle apps adapter version 6.0. Apps version is 11i.
The commonOA1157.utils:purgeTrackChanges does not roll back any changes to Wm Track Changes if the service fails. I have tried explicit start, commit and roll back too. Please help. Its kinda urgent.


Vikas, How can i contact you. I have some Oracle Apps related queries pertainng to Development. I guess you would know this , as you have worked on Oracle Apps Adapters.

As far as your issue goes, did you check the Oracle Apps adapter connection and have you configured it as LOCAl_TRANSACTION or XA_TRANSACTION , also in the catch block, use rollbacktransaction service and pass the alias string.

There was a bug in the OA Adapter 6.0.
Contact webMethods Customer Care for OA Adapter 6.0 Fix 2.
Fix 1, which was to add support for predefined transaction 1159 and user defined OA versions, is not required.