Oracle apps adapter not showing the transaction details after migrating from DV to QA

I am facing some some strange scene:

My DV and QA server pointingto the same Oracel apps database through oracle apps adapter. In DV its abosolutely fine. But when i migrate the Adapter service in the QA its works fine. But in the Adapter service i cant see the transaction details. Currently because of same database is used by DV and QA i am not import/exporting the transaction.Is any different way to deploye the oracle apps transaction and adapter services?

Did you used Deployer or manually moved?

Can you try reload WmJDBCAdapter package or custom packages (that stores the connection)? Also check the IS logs if you see any errors occuring during deployment?..


We are using the deployer to migrate the service.

I have tried by reloading. But its same problem is there.