Oracle Adapter Returning and closing Cursors

I am encountering problems with number of opened cursors while running stored procedures from Oracle Adapter. Each opened cursor is closed at the end of my procedures, except the one returned as output of a procedure to allow Oracle Adapter to fetch its content. Does Oracle Adapter close the cursor when it finished fetching results ?

Error: maximum open cursors exceeded

This error is not corrected when increasing the cursor number parameter in Oracle …

Any Help would be really appreciated …


We had the exact same problem.

How did you close the cursor inside webMethods ?

Thanks for your help

any news yet about this?

we have the same problem:

  • when we use cursors as output of our stored procedures towards webmethods, it doesnt work. we have to leave them open otherwise it doesnt work!!! is this a normal way of doing???

As a result of this, we were programming many stored procedures that use cursors and silently we accepted this strange thing… now we have big problems due to this on our production environment:
Error: maximum open cursors exceeded

How can we avoid this?

Is it required to close cursors within the stored procedure or does WM takes care of this?

(as this is the first time in years we have this problem, we think that it’s because the stored proc falls in exception and there the closing of the cursor is a problem)

who and when to close cursors ???