Options current catalog and current schema do not work on JDBC Polling Notifications as expected

We have several Integration Servers installed at our site. All are using webMethods 9.10
Each of these Integration Servers has a separate JDBC Connections to a database schema.
The database host and SID are the same, but the database user and schema are different.

We have created JDBC Polling Notifications on one of these Integration Servers, let’s call it Integration Server #1.
On the Tables tab of the Notification, we have used the identifier ..tableName to specify the reference to our table (in this case tableName)
We then exported the package containing the Notifications and deployed it on our other Integration Servers, let’s call it Integration Server #2.
We are now having issues when we are trying to enable the same Notification on Integration Server #2.

When the Notification is enabled on Integration Server #1, using schema A, then I cannot enable the same Notification on Integration Server #2 which is supposed to use schema B.

If I execute service WmJDBCAdapter.pub.pollingNotificationUtils:getDatabaseObjectsForNotification on Integration Server #2, the value returned in dbObjectsOutput.results.schemaName is schema A, not schema B as I expect.

In addition, if I executed service WmJDBCAdapter.pub.pollingNotificationUtils:dropDatabaseObjects on Integration Server #2, the service deletes the table/trigger/sequence in schema A, not schema B.

If the database objects for the Notification in schema A do not exist, then when I enable the Notification on Integration Server #2, the database objects are correctly created in schema B.
If we only had two Integration Servers, that would not be too bad. But we have at least a dozen, so this is really causing problems because these Notifications are not starting up or are complaining that database objects are missing when the polling occurs