Optional Parameter in Presto Mashup

I need to know, if I can set up Optional Parameter in Presto. I create six input (Parameters), is this possible if I can enter just two parameter values instead of six parameter values during running the reports?

During execution of Presto App, if I am not entering any value in the parameter then system giving error message “This field is required”? I want to set up optional parameter.

It’s urgent. Can anyone provide information?


It’s not easy to imagine what the error can be without looking at the code. But if the Presto server is giving the message “This field is required”, it probably means that the field is being referred to in the code. If the code requires this field. then it should be present. If you truly want to make the field optional, then your code should have a if/else conditions to inspect the variable and take the appropriate path.

There are no mandatory/optional inputs in Presto.

I am not seeing if then else statement in Presto Mashup. Input block searching the data field and operator.
Can you please advise how to create if then else statement at Mashup. I can provide more details to you, if necessary. Please let me know.


Please refer to the EMML reference section in Presto documentation. There are few examples provided in the document.
below is one such example from documentation which explains how to use the ‘if’ block.

  <variable name="destination" type="document"/> 
  <variable name="importRules" type="document"/> 
  <variable name="currentCountry" type="string"/> 
  <variable name="local" type="string" default="US"/> 
<if condition="$destination//country != $local"> 
  <invoke service="ImportRules" operation="getRules" 
    inputvariables="currentCountry" outputvariable="$importRules"/> 

I am trying sending to you screen shot, but system doesn’t letting me to use copy and paste. I’m getting “Syntax Error” message after modifying If statement. I do have two parameter 1. RFI_Number, 2. Center.
Can you write if then else statement for RFI_Number and Center?
The goal is customer either enter value or keep blank. The report should be execute.