Optimizing default wm.sap.internal.ls:routingListener

In the environment which I am supporting there are several connections which are configured to use default listener “wm.sap.internal.ls:routingListener” of WM. Issue is being having few connection left to be used, the sever goes out of thread and throws error “A connection was not available for request in pool” to update the status of IDoc.
I would like to know, how we can optimize the connection pool and threads setting of default listener to resolve this error.

What is the Number of Threads setting you have on the default listener?

I would say create a new listener rather than using default and tune the setting for Number of Threads to 30 or 50 based on your needs and you should be good to test.


Thanks RMG. Currently we cannot point to new listener. Can you please suggest where do I can find number of threads setting for default listener?