Optimize for process - Unmapped Event Maps


The scenario is as below. webMethods version is 9.8.

  1. The webMethods service is sending events to Optimize using the addEvents service from designer.
  2. The analytic engine, the web service data collector, the um, mws are up and running
  3. MWS is able to successfully connect to the analytic engine (verified using the system settings page)
  4. Created an event map in the MWS->Analytics->KPI-> Business Data page and created a KPI associated with the event map. Since it is not associated to a process, it is added as Event Maps not associated to the Process.

The question is that - is it possible to monitor events/KPIs using optimize which are not associated to a process?
I checked the documents for optimize, mws etc. and am unable to get a clear answer regarding the same. If you are aware of the same, please point me to the right documen/link.

Please let us know if you need additional information.