Optimize EventMap exceeds maximim Number of allows column indices in oracle


We recently ran into a Problem when defining EventMaps in Optimize (without Business Process) that exceed a certain number of Dimensions, using the Oracle Database. E.g. when defining an EventMap that has 30 Attributes, Optimize internally creates a table (BAM_FACT_[EventMap]) with a column for each Attribute. Optimize also creates an index on these columns, plus on some additional standard columns contained in this table. This leads to a situation where the maximum number of columns per index is exceeded, which amounts to 32 columns in Oracle (https://docs.oracle.com/cd/B19306_01/server.102/b14237/limits003.htm#i288032).

Hence, the creation of the EventMap fails. Moreover, the whole Optimize DB gets corrupted, such that it is no longer possible to define EventMaps in MWS.

Has anyone ever ran into this problem, and, if so, have you been able to solve it? A change of the database is not an option for us, as the usage of Oracle is an infrastructure requirement.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

I guess this is something oracle db constraint and wM product unforeseen flaw, i afraid you have not better option than slim down your event map.