Operational Support for UM

Has anyone who has completely migrated off of the proprietary Broker over to UM and interested in learning how you are performing support from an operation perspective. Remember in MWS, you could navigate to the Broker client and filter on queue depth > 0. You could also see the pipeline data for analysis and resubmit and such. Now with UM, it’s not integrated with MWS and you loose those operation functionalities.

Out of the box, one of the drawbacks that I see in UM that isn’t easily provided is able to analysis the pipeline/payload of the message that are in “Outstanding” status. Before purging the data, user cannot analyze the payload data. The workaround is to enable auditing on the trigger service and the failed service will appear in the “Monitor/Integration/Services” section of MWS.

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?

What is the UM version?

I totally understand your concerns and I am on the same page with you.

I have contacted SAG on a similiar feature that we have and used in Broker and here is the response I received from the global support “Feature not available but there is internal discussion with R&D team to build this feature as enhancement.”

Down the line, most of the Administration/Monitoring capabilities of UM will be moved to Command Central. This is my understanding.

Initially this was one of the major turn off’s for me to switch to UM from Broker but i eventually learned to get past these limitations. I built a Custom UI (JS\HTML5 with rest calls to IS Java services) using the UMS Java API that provides developers some basic functions to have an insight(read only) in to UM in non-dev environments.

I personally believe that all the blocks to implement a full fledged operational UI like this in MWS are already out there in the form of Code samples\ snippets. The actual work is to create the CAF screens to embed these blocks in to MWS.

If you have OFI, you could create rules to monitor queues\channels for thresholds. This can be very helpful with operational monitoring of UMS at Queues\channels level.

I have been told that there is something in the works to get the same functionality that MWS provided for Broker with UM as well but haven’t heard anything back about it. This was from almost 2 years ago. Maybe its just not a priority for SAG at this time.

You can always open a feature request on Brainstorm to formalize the request.

Thanks guys for your response. Good to know that I’m not the only one feeling this drawbacks with UM.