Open external URL in portlet - CAF


Is it possible to open a content of a external website inside my portlet?

I’m using “Link” and setting the URL on properites but it’s redirecting the page and not opening inside the portlet

How can I do this?


  1. In Designer - open the CAF control palette and insert the control “CAF HTML > Control > Output > Link” into the view/form.
  2. Insert an iFrame via the “CAF HTML > Control > Output > Frame” control. Specify the frame id (e.g my_frame).
  3. Select the link from 1, go to Properties > Expert > Target and change the value to the frame id (my_frame).
  4. Select the link from 1, go to Properties > Value > Value and change the value to the desired URL.
  5. Save the view and upload the project to MWS.
  6. Access the portlet and test the link. If the page doesn’t get rendered and you get a Javascript error complaining about Content Security Policy (CSP), follow this doc chapter: Reverb


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