open a portlet on button click


i am creating a search button .
when the user clicks on search , a view page opens that holds a table (showing data) and user can select a record which gets populated in the text box .

i have created a view page with table showing data .

  1. i dont know how to open it on button click on some other page .
  2. also how to populate record in text box when user selects a record from this view page .
  3. also do i need to make a portlet from this page ?

Please suggest …some direction .


Jasmeen Kaur

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i got the modal dialog control , and able to use the same .

did’nt know before ,


Jasmeen Kaur

facing one more problem

i have added a basic column to content provider -
-then select all rows checkbox for header
-then select row check box for contents , made the multiple = false

still it is allowing to select multiple rows .



Jasmeen Kaur

The select all rows control overrides the logic in the select row checkbox (multiple = false).

In fact, if you only want one row selected, i don’t think you should be using the Select All Rows Control at all.


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