ODBC Adapter Issue


I have configured a ODBC intelligent adapter in a NT box. It has many other adapters like SQLServer. Only ODBC adapter is malfunctioning.

The ODBC adapter is running fine in debug mode, that is loading the compoenents and processing the documents and operations.

But If I enable it in a real mode, it becomes red as not running status. I have colleted the debug outputs from Trace Logs, it stops after the following output lines and stop funtioning.

println supportsOwner = true
println supportsProcedures = true
println ansiCompliant = true
println exec SQL COMMIT

Has any one faced issue earlier?.


Most likely this is an access rights issue. There have been threads on this before (on this site and elsewhere). The user credential used by the adapter differs when run live and when run in debug mode. Be sure that the username that the adapter monitor process is using has the correct privileges to the resources the ODBC adapter is accessing.

You might want to run the adapter in command line mode. This will give you output just like in debug mode and is probably more than you are getting from the Trace logs. It’s done using the beans_adapter command/program.