odata service

Hello Experts,

I have created a sample ODATA service. I could see the xml structure populating for all odata entities created in the namespace.

Could you please guide me how to test the ODATA service? I am not able to call the service either.


Hi All,

Does anyone consumed OData service in webMethods?. If so please share the steps which are required for the same?

What is your IS version?

You can create OData service using an external source type Refer “Creating an OData Service Using an External Source Type” from service dev guide.

Do you have an OData service provider? Provide more details to suggest you some more info.

We are using 9.12 version.

Can you post the steps?

Steps are straightforward, refer the docs. Provide the details about your OData service provider, is it a db or sap system?

Thanks Mahesh.

We are trying to integration with SAP system using OData service.

Sample URL: http://sap_host_name:port_no/sap/service_name/set_name(parameter1=‘abc’,parameter2=123)?format=xml

AFAIK, you must be able to consume the OData service SAP, in this case, make sure OData enabled external source type is configured to Integration Server with a valid connection.

Another option is to call the OData service (similar to Rest) by the client:HTTP.

Thanks Mahesh.

I have created an “OData Service using an External Source Type” with valid JDBC connection only. There is no option to select SAP connection while creating Odata service using above option.
I have to integrate with SAP system only and I have the service provider URL.

Provider URL : http://sap_host_name:port_no/sap/service_name/set_name(parameter1=‘abc’,parameter2=123)?format=xml

AFAIK, OData feature provided by wM is not quite matured, you cannot consume the URL (like we do for WS-WSDL), if you are unable to use the SAP connection as an external source then only option left is to write wrapper services using client:http (_get,_post,_put,_delete)

Not sure if others have any idea, but lets wait and watch.

Could you please anyone confirm, what settings we need to have an entity with external source type as SAP. We are in 9.12.


Hi Sasanka,

were you able to create ODATA service in 9.12 ?


Were you facing the same issue on v9.12?

As @Mahesh suggested,have to tried connecting target system SAP ODATA API via Rest service and still no luck?