*OCCURRENCE: removal of variable-length restriction in 3.1.6

I’ve noticed that in Natural the *OCCURRENCE system variable under 3.1.6
seems to work also for fixed-length arrays, although its documented to only
work for variable-length arrays in a PDA.

I’ve also noticed that the removal of the restriction has been documented for Nat 4.1.

Can you say whether I can rely on it for 3.1.6.


Natural 3.1.6 will not be changed or enhanced further and therefore the behaviour shall not change. Nevertheless we recommend to upgrade your Natural environment to a fully supported Natural 4.1 version, i.e. Natural 4.1.4.


Michael, thanks for your prompt reply.
I take that as meaning I can rely on *OCCURRENCE working
for fixed-sized arrays in 3.1.6.
My customer is currently working on the 4.1 upgrade:
4.1.3, although I’ve tried to suggest 4.1.4 as its been recommended to me.
(argumentation is that they would have to migrate other products/systems)
What do you recommend?

I am wondering about your remark:

Which products do you have in mind :?: