Object Browse

I would like to know - Whom of Construct customers around the world is using the Object-browse model ? How many of them do you have ? Is it in prduction allready ? and any other information that you feel that will help me in the matter.


Splsoftware Ltd.

We have approximately 175 object-browse-subp in production. We primarily use object-browse-subp as the basis for our web version browse
applications. We’ve developed a limited number of mainframe dialogs (using OBJECT-BROWSE-DIALOG model) reusing the same browse subprogram objects (one object supporting two presentation layers). Our long term goal is to eventually replace most of our mainframe browses (developed using BROWSE-SUBP) with the OBJECT-BROWSE-DIALOG.

Hope this helps

Chris hello,

Thank you very much for this valuable informatiom. Could you please email me, i have a few questions i’d like to ask you.

thanks again.

Hi All,

Following on Yehuda’s original question our Customer has become disilusioned with the Object Browse model & it’s intended usage.

They claim that it is not well enough rounded for use in a production environment & have hit several problems.

They would like to contact an expert in the matter , someone with extensive experience on this Model.

Is there anyone who has this experience?

Ilan :!:

Hi Ilan,

If there is some assistance I can provide, please let me know. Also I have seen several recent issues with the OBJECT-BROWSE-DIALOG model so I’m not sure if this specifically is one of the issues or if the concerns are with the OBJECT-BROWSE-SUBP model.

Mark Barnard
R&D Construct/Spectrum
Software AG

I haven’t used them much mainly because the presentation layer (dialog) screens did not look the same as the screens generated by the browse model. We customized the dialog to accomodate that.