OAGIS Rev 80 ProcessInvoicexsd document type creation

Hi to all. I’m having problems to create a document type from the OAGIS’ ProcessInvoice.xsd.

I have downloaded OAGIS revision 8.0 zip (with all xsds, docs and etc) and have tried many times to create a new document type based on the ProcessInvoice.xsd (OAGIS8.0\OAGIS\BODs\ProcessInvoice.xsd).

The import runs with some warnings (mainly about duplicate definitions), and in the end the Developer cames out with a document type, but it does not create correctly the node DataArea (ProcessInvoice/DataArea). According to OAGIS docs, the DataArea should be a ProcessInvoiceDataArea.

Does anyone know how to import corretly this xsd, or have a recipe to make this work?