OAG xsds to be identified for the RN PIPs

We are into RosettaNet integration for Logistics, we need to identify
equivalent OAG xsds (Version 9.0) for the following pips. We require
the xsd to generate the Canonicals for the Pips.

->PIP 4C1 - Distribute Inventory Report - OAG XSD To be identified

->PIP 3B12 - (Request Shipping Order) and 3B13 (Notify of Shipping
Order Confirmation) - OAG XSD To be identified [Common for both pips ]

->PIP 3B18 - Notify of Shipping Documentation - OAG XSD To be

Thanks in advance !. Could anyone help us to identify which is the
suitable BOD for the above RN PIPs.


Why dont you use flatfiles(canonicals) based on the PIP requirements/Implementation guidelines or pull data directly from JDBC-ODBC tables and map it to PIP’s…Ofcourse the 3B13,3B12 are complex pips according to my experience.Is your company fan of OAG standard canonicals which they are already built for logistics??Curious to know.

We handled 4C1,3B13 and few other pips pulling data from JDBC stg tables insuch a way complex PIP’s recursive structures mapping etc…can handle it.


You can download a complete cross reference for OAGIS to RosettaNet, X-12, and EDIFACT on the OAGi website here: