Number of Levels for Program Flow Diagram

It seems that the Program Flow Diagram only goes down to a set number of levels, so if an internal subroutine performs another subroutine, then it isn’t displayed.

Presumably there is a setting somewhere, but I can’t find it.


Can you clarify if the subroutine called within the internal subroutine is another internal subroutine OR an external subroutine?

The program flow logic will show the subroutines of the chosen object, but not the external subroutines - perhaps this can be added later.


Hi Brian,

The lower level subroutines were internal.

The diagram shows the starting point and then a box for the top level internal subroutines, some of which are under an IF test but then the subroutines don’t show any further detail under them.

Brian, after posting the above I noticed that the other internal subroutines were on separate tabs, so I have all the information I needed.