NULL values not coming through in XML

Hi all,

I am using the FTP polling service to get XML files and send them to TN. Even though some mandatory fields are left blank in the XML file (e.g. <name/> instead of <name>ACME</name>) webMethods thinks that there is a character in there. Hence, my validation is failing.

I am using pub.client.ftp:get service to get the file. I have tried many different ways of validation (including pub.schema:validate) but the retrieved file definitely has values where it should have nothing.

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Just an update on this one. I have since discovered that <name&#62; will actually give you a blank in XML notation and not a null.

Does anyone know if there are any services in webMethods that can convert blank values into null values?



I don’t know of anything to do it automatically, but it’s a fairly simple procedure to write a Java service that loops through every field in the document and deletes out those that are empty.

Just a thought, you may want to use replaceString and reqular expression to replace those <something/> tag before giving to xmlStringToDocument