Null / Blank XML tag

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In One of my integration my source system is sending an XML with blank/null tag values and the data is send as . After enriching the message at webMethods end the while converting it to a XML string the blank/null tag is changed as which the target system is not able to recognize it. It is throwing an error and at the target system they want the blank/null tag to be .

As a work around we are setting the blank tag with space and while converting it is getting converted properly. Let me know if there is any direct way to solve this issue.

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Can you please provide solution, if u have any.

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The proper solution is for the receiving system to accept the perfectly correct and semantically equivalent form of . Virtually every parser on the planet supports this (I think it is required).

The work-around you have provided would be as far as I would go with this.

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In our current system we are getting empty as , but instead of it we have to display it as . Its happening for service doumentToXMLString.

Vikas G.

As r.gokul noted: “As a work around we are setting the blank tag with space…”

That isn’t entirely correct (whitespace within a tag is not the same thing as an empty tag) but it may work for your situation.

What you are seeing is not a bug. It is correct XML. What is incorrect is a receiving system requiring empty tags to be in the form .

This tag is still valid for null/blank…why do they need rude way of empty tags explicitly?

Are you specifying documentTypeName in the documentToXMLString along with generateRequiredTags param to true?


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