NSRuntimeException when tracing Flow service

Hi all
I had a error when am tracing the service
com.wm.app.b2b.client.ns NS RuntimeException

Pls clarify my doubt
Thanking you

Hi Rajitha,
NEDS(Not Enough Details Supplied).

Pls. suplly more details before expecting any useful help/reply.

Hi Rajitha,
As bsingh has said there is not enough details but on a side note if you have the startTransaction, commitTransaction and rollbackTransaction as flow steps in your flow service then also you may end up getting this error. In that case try disabling those steps and then run in trace mode.

I was getting this error and choose to run the service… rather then stepping through. I was given a better error when I did that.

Error at pub.string:numericFormat - Transformsers cannot loop over list elements.


What you have to do is make sure the mapping to input of numericFormat transformer service specify index 0 (click link properties and set index) or call numericFormat directly in your flow service instead of transformer in the map step.This will resolve the issue.


I also had the similar type of error mentioned by Rajitha when i was doing trace or step thru. (Even, there is no error logged in the logs. wM version i’m using is 6.1) It’s always throwing the runtime error (pop up window) at the last step but not in any step between the flow. But when i try to run the service everything works fine. Dont understand why it is so???

Any help over this issue will be highly appreciated


My issue got resolved when i tried tracing the same flow in wM Dev 6.5 SP3. May be its wM bug in earlier versions (<wM 6.5) which was fixed in the latest versions.