NSRunTime exception


When i trace through my service, i get NSRuntTimeException error. What should I do in this case? (I checked in IS AdminPage->Management is that package reloaded, and it is). Should I maybe change value of java_min_mem and java_max_mem in server.bat file?

Any help would be appreciated!


NSRunTimeException pops up when the flow controller can’t find information on the next service to execute. This happens for example if the Developer loses its connection to the IS, and in some rare circumstances, when the flow.xml file cannot be retrieved for the service to be executed.

I’m not sure increasing min and max will help.

What other symptoms do you have? Does the Developer report a lost connection? Tell us about the flow: are you calling custom services, built-in services, etc?

I don’t have any other simptoms, and Developer doesn’t report me about lost connection.
I am calling the built-in services, and every time i get that NSRunTime error
on different step(different service)…(almost all of them have wrappers (adapters),
but i never go into them when i trace).