Now U can Enable ur connection with IBMDB2 8.2 Try it

I am using
Operating system - Windows XP SP-2
Databse - DB2 UDB SES 8.1
webMethods - 6.2

It Required 3 jar files
1. ojdbc14.jar for JDBC driver(JVM 1.4 or higher)(U can find this from oracle official site)
2. classes12.jar & classes111.jar for JDBC driver(JVM 1.2 or 1.3)
2. db2jcc.jar; db2jcc_license_cu.jarfor JCC driver(from IBMDB2 installation directory like:-D:~~IBMDB2UDB SE 8.2~~\java[B])[/b]

* 1. copy All db2jcc.jar; db2jcc_license_cu.jar; ojdbc14.jar;classes12.jar & classes111.jarfiles into
[COLOR=blue]C:\Program Files\webMethods62\IntegrationServer\lib\jars[/color]

* 2. set envoirment variable in computer- property’s- advanced tab
in system variabel areia’s variables column select path(double click) and past the acuurate path of both above files (Give once bcoz they are in same location/path).

NOTE :- Restart ur system or atleast ur IS.

* 3. In wM dev ariea always create new package and new folder, it will reduce complexity.

Than set following details -----------------fill this all with extra care(Dont leave any blank space before or after the name)

MYDB: DB2CON Details:-

Connection _____________JDBC Adapter Connection

Connection Properties:-

Transaction Type ________NO_TRANSACTION (or LOCAL_TRANSACTION)
DataSource Class OR for JDBC driver AND OR for JCC driver
serverName _____________(BLANK) or Optional
user ___________________db2admin
password _______________******
databaseName __________WMDB2
portNumber _____________B or Optional[/b]
networkProtocol _________B or Optional[/b]
Other Properties _________B or Optional[/b]

Connection Management Properties:-

Enable Connection Pooling __true
Minimum Pool Size ________0 or 1
Maximum Pool Size ________10
Pool Increment Size _______1
Block Timeout ____________1000
Expire Timeout ___________1000
Startup Retry Count _______0
Startup Backoff Timeout ____10

[COLOR=Purple]:wink: U have done it…And last if u r facing any problem with IBMDB2 ESE 8.2, let me know , i will solve ur problem as per my level.[/color]

AgainThanx To
[COLOR=Blue]Mr.Vijay & Mr.Gupta Sir
And Dear Ajeet.