Notify ARIS on Service changes Policy is not working


My ARIS and My CentraSite are installed in the same machine.But when any event like changes/update happens on assets from CentraSite,My policy called “Notify ARIS on Service changes” invoking.But it has been failing with the blwo error.I tried all possible ways creating self signed certificate using CentraSite JVM keytool and ARIS JVM keytool and mapped to cacerts…but nothing is working for me.Could you please guide any solution for this error??

Failed to notify Webservice endpoint [https://NHCLT-PC1100-1.HCLT.CORP.HCL.IN/aris/services/webMethods?wsdl] hosted in application server [NHCLT-PC1100-1.HCLT.CORP.HCL.IN/default/ARIS-CS(3)]: Error Message [ No name matching NHCLT-PC1100-1.HCLT.CORP.HCL.IN found]

NHCLT-PC1100-1.HCLT.CORP.HCL.IN -->is the my machine name…