Notification error during execution/ no enabled Trigger registered

I have problems with notifications. I have configured publish - subcribe, local notifications without broker, with trigger.

webMethods 8.2.2

I see in log:
[ART.0116.3001E] Adapter Runtime (Notification):
Notification error during execution of …
Error: [ART.116.3010] Adapter Runtime (Notification):
Error publishing notification …
Error: Rejecting document as there is no enabled Trigger registered:

Additionally I cannot turn on trigger:
Settings > Messaging > Broker/Local Trigger Management
Document Retrieval and Document Processing I see only “N/A” and “queye capacity” “refil level” and “maximum threads” are set to 0.

Also triggers for new notifications cannot be turn on.

This notifications worked well before.

Please give me an idea, what is wrong?

What is ‘local notification’? Do you mean ‘basic notification’? If so, did you create the buffer table, and configured database trigger to pull data from actual table and write to buffer table?

Another way, you can try with ‘insert’ notification which creates buffer table and db trigger by itself, and you can test it first to see if the flow works.