Not consumed documents


I found, using Broker Administrator, that I have several documents in different queues which date from 2005 and other ones which are more recent. Can anybody tell me how can I analyze the contents of these documents to see if they were sumbitted by the Broker and if not to resubmit them.
I’m using a version of the Broker server.


PS: Clients are is “connected” status

Hi Makram

Not sure if this can be done with the Broker Administrator but you may be able to write a Broker Admin client to browse your client queues - as I recall there is a class called BrokerClientQueueLock which allows queue manipulation - this however did not work correctly when I was using Enterprise Server 5.0. This may be fixed in Broker Server 6 however.



Thx for your response Paul. So I have to download eclipse and begin to read the API documentation.

Just for Info: The 6.5 revision of the broker contains functionalities allowing browsing and consulting queues.