Not able to see docType output fields for WS Connector

Hello and Sorry for the duplication of this post:

I did the following to get the data from the PeopleSoft Component Interface(CI):

  1. Got the PS Adapter Connection
  2. Able to pull the data from the CI
  3. Trying to create a webService based on this CI
  4. I Created the Flow Service and wrapped the Adapter Service into this Flow Service
  5. Generated the WSDL file for the Flow Service
  6. Created the webService Connector Service
  7. I Ran the WS Connector service and passed the Key Fields but I don’t see the output, I can see the input values.

When I run the Adapter Service or the Flow Service alone I can see the data but I am not able to see the data from the WebService.

Things Noticed for Document Type

docType:_GetLocationTblDataInput—> I can see the Key Fields(Input fields)
docType:GetLocationTblDataOutput)–> I don’t see any output fields in this document after I generated the WSDL file.

Could you please help me?

Thank you,

What options did you choose when you generated your WSDL?



The options I choosed are:

Protocol: SOAP-RPC Directive: rpc

Via Transport : HTTP input – Determined by service input
output – Determined by service output

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Hi Mark,

Any idea?