Not able to login to centra site

I am not able to login to centra site. I am getting following error.

Connection handler com.centrasite.control.login failed to establish connection.
Reason: Database access error. Can’t connect to server CentraSite.
Plug-in com.centrasite.control has been disabled.

If anyone is having idea then please let me know in resolving this issue.

I got the solution and i am able to resolve it now.

Vikas, Could you please post the resolution ? Thanks in advance

Hi Arul,
Please find the resolution below.

  1.  Send the following request via an HTTP client (e.g. InternetExplorer):

(if prompted for username/password please specify the user “DefaultUser”
and that user’s password (default PwdFor_CS21))

2. Send the following request via an HTTP client:


(replace the MYMACHINE by the name of machine on which the CentraSite Server is installed - all in upper-case letters)
3. Restart the CentraSite Server and Application Servers

These commands will remove all the defined domains, and then add back the original domain as the default. This will give CentraSite into the original configuration of authenticating against the local operating system.

hello guys,
I’m working in WME8 and I have a serious problem of connection between IS-> Metadata and Designer → Metadata.

configuration :

1- for IS :
Settings → Metadata :
IS identifier : Administrator
CentraSite URL : http://localhost:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite
User Name : “windows session name”
Password : “windows session password”

The result is : Test of CentraSite connection failed

2- for Designer :
Windows → preferences → CentraSite → Connections → Add…
(I don’t know what are the parameters to enter for : Name, Host, User and Password)

Can you Help me please?
thanks in advance

IS identifier : Should be your machine name on which Is is running not the Administrator
User Name: use windows user name through which you would have installed the centra site. Also if user belongs to any domain then use the domain name with user name. For ex: domain<user name>.

It should work :slight_smile:

I’ve no idea of designer.

Hi All,

IS Identifier
CentraSite URL http://vms014:53305/CentraSite/CentraSite
User Name d100\agservice
Password ********

please give above details in IS-settings–>Metadata to connecto the centrasite metadata in IS Console

am also working on wM8SP2 i have sucessfully connected centrasite.

in Designer open the Centrasite search and browse or Centrasite Asset Catalog perspective in window–>open perspective.

give windows user name and passowrd and centrssite URL afte opening above one of the perspective dialog will display asking the centrasite details if not

go to window–>prefereneces–>Centrasite–>Connections. Add the the centrasite Details

Name: Any name as u like



select the check box of save password


Anil Kumar ellendula

This looks like a very old post…but the error still persists (wM8.2)

Connection handler com.centrasite.control.login failed to establish connection.
Reason: Database access error. Can’t connect to server CentraSite.
Plug-in com.centrasite.control has been disabled.

I get this error when i try to login with Administrator/manage
URL – http://MYMACHINE:53307/PluggableUI/servlet/StartCISPage?PAGEURL=/PluggableUI/Login.html&PLUGIN=com.centrasite.control&LOCALE=en

I am not trying to connect to IS right now. Its just a normal simple log-in to Centrasite.
SMH looks fine…i can see all the details running fine in there.

I am a new bee to Centrasite …need help

Thanks in Advance

Hi Sonia…

Did you check the Centrasite status in SMH (login with Administrator)

Managed Host → Machine Name-> CentraSite → Registry/Repository
Click on this you should the status as Online or Offline.

Right click on Registry/Repository select start.

Now try login with the URL u mentioned above it should work now.

Oops…i just missed out checking Registry/Repository…

Yes it was offline and now its up and running…
Thanks for a quick reply…:slight_smile:

Hello All,
I am new to webMethods, I am not able to connect UDDI registry.Do we i need to connect to the CentraSite to work with webServices? Could you please explain What is Centra Site and how to connect?

Thanks in Advance.

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