Not able to find while installing the CentraSite plug-ins in Eclipse IDE


I have installed the Centrasite Community Edition from the image file for Windows 7 32 bit.
I installed it successfully.

As part of some post installation process, I tried to install the centrasite plug-ins in the eclipse (version 4.3) in my machine and wanted to import all plug ins available from the Centrasite tool to the local eclipse IDE.

As per the process, I refered the below from the CentraSite documentation which suggests below:

“…Choose Archive and navigate to the following location: /eclipse/updates.
There you will find the zip file Select this file, and click Open to return
to the Add Repository dialog, then click OK…”

However I am unable to find the in the said location in my local CentraSite install directory E:\SoftwareAG.

There is no folder called …/eclipse under this install directory.

Can anyone suggest, how I can get this file which will help me integrate the CentraSite plugin with my local eclipse IDE.


I am not sure whether the updates are available for the community edition. Let me check and revert back.